BIG Inspiration

"Freedom" by Alisha Vernon

Alisha Vernon from my BIG tribe has an etsy store filled with her amazing artwork. She works with several mediums and she has added a bunch of new art work. Go check it out!

Sharing secrets and giveaways

In honor of her new website and 1 year anniversary of BIG the lovely Ms. Connie Hozvica is hosting a giveaway. So because I adore Ms. Connie and because we all love a good giveaway here are a few of my art journaling secrets.

Secret no. 1: Bubble wrap and paint gives the most amazing backgrounds and texture to your art journal pages. I love adding these bubble wrap circles because I find that they offer such and amazing look to the page. There’s something about the simultaneous order and randomness that does it.

Secret no. 2: When all else fails and you have no inspiration – do inchies! They are fun and they don’t need to be anything.

Secret no. 3: 10 minute journaling! Set your timer for 10 minutes and complete a journal page in that time. The deadline keeps you focused, and it’s amazing how much you can do in just 10 minutes. Add to that, we can all generally fit 10 minutes of art into our day.

Painting faces

This week is week 4 of BIG and it’s a week for looking back at what we’ve done and setting intentions for the weeks ahead. One of the exercises Connie is having us do this week is painting faces. I did two today and had a on of fun doing it (I also successfully covered myself in paint).

Face no. 1Face no. 2

Both these faces are pretty funky looking, although I think they are really cool, so I’ll leave you with a pretty face I did yesterday for no other reason than that I felt like making some art.

Pretty face