Perfect is boring – going BIG

Painting is not perfect yet I still find myself lingering over my works, fretting over that line, considering this angle, that perspective, placement, size, colors…. it gets exhausting and in many ways it intervenes with the creative process because creativity is a right brain action where as logic and analyzing are for the left brain and switching between the two takes time. So I decided to go BIG.

What is BIG? BIG is one of Connie’s two workshops (I think a third might be coming) on what she calls the FEARLESS painting process. Basically it says that the result is not important, it is all in the process and in listening to the painting and the creative muse (read more here). This has resulted in a bunch of very… interesting paintings. Paintings that I wouldn’t normally d. Paintings that I increasingly find myself loving.

Here’s to BIG


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