May day!

I can’t believe it’s May already… I swear this year is just flying by me, but I guess that’s what happens when you have a full schedule. Today is May Day, and we celebrated the turning of the seasons by planting an apple tree the in-laws gave me for my birthday and firing up the BBQ for dinner.

For my birthday I also got a shiny new laptop from the hubster (best husband ever…) so I can now upload pretty pictures from my DSL as opposed to crappy cell phone pictures.So below is a better picture of my art from Goddess Leonie’s workshop at 21 Secrets.

Also for 21 Secrets I have started the “Three Little Words” workshop with Aimee. I’m about halfway through it and I’m having so much fun with it. Essentially you grab three-word-phrases, make a page out of them. Then you combine two of the three-word-phrases and for longer phrases. Choose one and make a page with that. Then you start making poems, before finally you make a flow chart. It’s such a cool way of doing pages and it really makes you think outside the box.

Slips of three-word-phrases

Page with three-word-prases

Combining two three-letter-phrases

In addition to this I have signed up for the 2011 Sketchbook Project and am eagerly awaiting my sketchbook, and I have also signed up for Tamara Laporte’s May ATC swap over at the willowing ning. This months theme is Owls!! And finally I have discovered a book I’m never going to read on my shelf and have decided to alter it… should be a blast.

Book ready to be altered



  1. oh, YAY! i love the creative twist you put on this exercise — i can’t wait to try this exercise by drawing random slips from a jar. thanks for your amazing pages! xo

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