21 Secrets – Spring edition

April 1st the new 21 Secrets playground opened up again. I really wanted to dive in, but three weeks of traveling slowed my progress down. I have however completed Tam’s 21 Secrets workshop “Collage, Paint and Soul”.

You may remember Tam from her “Heart of Art” free workshop last year. Well, her 21 Secrets course is every bit as fantastic, albeit a little shorter 🙂 The point of the workshop is to make a collage incorporating background papers, a face/figure from a magazine spread and an animal or two should you feel so inclined. Then you paint on top of the collage elements creating an entirely new page. Finally you add writing and other embellishments.

People are posting their work over at Tam’s group at the 21 Secrets playground and I must say, there is so many amazing pieces of art. I especially love the transformations of the pages as you can see the elements they collaged on, but the page is still something completely different. Such a fun process.

Here is my page, through its various incarnations:

Before page - All the collaging elements are in place and glued on, but I have yet to alter the page in any way.

Page in progress - I've altered the page a fair bit, but I was not entirely happy with the background and the page still needed more detailing and writing. I do love the gold letter stamp though. Christmas present from my mom 🙂

The finished page! I'm very happy with the end result. It looks completely different from the before page, and yet I can still see the various elements that make up the collage.


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