Paulo Coelho

by the talented Mandy Saile

Connie Hozvica over at Dirty Footprints Studio shared this blog post by Paulo Coelho a while back and I found the story to be so incredibly powerful. I think we often forget in our busy lives what our goal truly is and if we had a better grasp of what we truly wanted we might be able to achieve it. Of course sometimes what we want is not what we truly need and this too is important to remember.

I first came across the writings of Paulo Coelho when I was 15 and read “The Alchemist” an amazing story about a shepherd who leaves his entire life to follow a dream he has one night. It is such an amazing story about the power of dreams and following your inner truth. I have read several other books by Paulo Coelho since, and while I have enjoyed most of them, the Alchemist remains my all time favorite.


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