Hmmm…. so I’m way, *way* behind on posting, so I apologize and here are some (late) ATC’s I’ve done and received through willowing swaps.

October ATC’s – theme: Spooky. I made these two cards, I was trying to go for a Jack Skellington vibe with Mr. Pumpkin head, but for some reason he feels more like Edward Cullen to me… must be the red apple.

My partner was Kristy Ann from Apples and Ink, and she made me these two amazing cards of Juan and Betty.

November ATC’s theme – ‘Butterflies’. I know the picture is quite crap, I took it with my cell phone. The butterfly on the left has lavender in the background and is inspired by the lavender fields in Provence. The card on the right is a blobbing technique that I wanted to try, like you did as a kid. Add a blob of paint, fold the paper in half. Good fun.

My partner was Andrea, and she made these gorgeous cards for me. They are so pretty.

December ATC’s theme – ‘Fun in the Snow’. I had a lot of fun with this one. You can’t really see from the images, but the snowman is covered in sparkles so he’s all glittery, and I did a light, light wash of silver on both cards so the snow kind of shimmers. Had a lot of fun with these.

My partner was Joyce, Queen of the Universe, who made these cards for me. I love how they have stings on them for hanging.

That’s my ATC fun for this time. Don’t you just love how many different takes people have on a theme?


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