I must be daft…

So I’ve just gone ahead and done something potentially stupid. And by stupid I mean embarrassing. And by embarrassing I mean something that I might potentially cock up (hmmm… wonder why I’ve gone all British suddenly).

Anyways, I’ve signed up for NaNoWriMo. Why, you ask? Why not, says I. Well OK, not really. I’ve signed up because like so many others I have envisioned myself writing a novel (because being a writer is a walk in the park which is why *everyone* is published 😛 ). Also my b-friend is always asking when I’m going to get published and make us rich. Also, I have ideas… I really do. So I figured why not? I’ll give this NaNoWriMo a try. I’ll see if I can do it. And if I can’t then nothing is lost, and if I can…

We’ll see 😉

Inspired by Effy


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