One lucky cookie

While I was out and about in the world traveling, so was the b-friend. However he had a bit more time for shopping and exploration and returned home with a ton of loot, most of which was for moi (he is such a sweetheart).

He got me incense and charcoal disks, a cute little koala that I’ve named Kuma and who has moved off to work with me, pretty origami papers, ATC paper packets, watercolor paper, a watercolor Moleskine, two paint brushes, a tote bag, a little voodoo doll for creativity and inspiration and an easel!! An actual easel, how crazy is that!?

I do actually kind of feel bad about the easel though as it was meant as an x-mas present, but I decided to surprise him at the train station (I work just around the corner). Of course b-friend is carrying the easel, it isn’t wrapped and I immediately see what it is… x-mas present discovered. I told him we could wrap it and I could still have it as an x-mas present but apparently that was a no-go. So now I have an easel!! Squeeee! The universe is so good to me!


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