Art, Heart and Healing – Week 1

Remember Tamara’s free class, Art, Heart and Healing (also The Heart of Art)? Well, I just completed the assignment from week 1 yesterday. Not only was I very pleased with the result, I really enjoyed the process as well.

Girl from Art, Heart and Healing - Week 1

The image also tied very well into my ‘Artist Empowerment’ class where I was challenged to try 4 new techniques on a journal page. I definitely did that here, with the dripping, the white acrylic highlights, the white acrylics for layering and using graphite as part of the finished image (I usually only use graphite for outlining, I never keep it in the finished page). And while the process was pretty scary (oh no! Too much white acrylics!) The end result ended up being really cool. So a massive thank you to Robyn for challenging me to try something new and a massive thanks to Tam for her absolutely fantastic class. Seriously, if you’re not signed up you really need to (and if you can afford it consider making a donation, seriously even $1 helps, I promise).


  1. I love your page! I really like the text as well, I might have to note that down in my journal if that is ok? Enjoy the rest of the course, I signed up yesterday but haven’t started yet.

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