I’m back!!

Well, I’m back from a super crazy week of lots of traveling and lots of working – as I was traveling on business, not on vacation. I wanted to share with you all the amazing art journaling I did on the go. I took Sarah Whitmire‘s ‘Jet-Set Journaling’ class (part of 21 Secrets – I *love* 21 Secrets) specifically so that I could journal while traveling. I made my little traveling kit, I packed it in my carry-on so that I had easy access, and I journaled…. not at all. Very disappointing. The truth of the matter though is that I just haven’t had the time or energy. Traveling is *so* exhausting and on my four nights of travel I slept in 3 different hotels, in 3 different cities, in 2 different countries. It took a lot out of me.

I did however have a great burst of inspiration and will be doing that page soon. I’ve also received some challenges from Robyn that I will have to do as well. The b-friend is away on business till Monday, so I have the whole weekend free for journaling. Yay!! So stay tuned. If you’re curious about my inspiration here’s an image for you.

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