Crazing lacquer

Remember the crazing lacquer I bought this weekend? Well here is what I did with it.

First I put down a layer of dark paint. This is blue and black acrylic paint mixed with gel medium to thin it down a bit. I *love* the color, it was exactly what I intended when I started blending. The slight shine to the page is the crazing lacquer that I applied on top once the paint had dried.

I let the lacquer dry for a few hours, then I blended white, yellow and brown for a nice rustic off-white color. As soon as you start painting over the lacquer the paint starts crazing, so you can only do one coat, no overlapping. This means that the thickness of the topcoat varies a bit (at least for me being a novice artist), but I kind of like the effect.

Then I glued down a card that I had added a coffee wash to (seriously, coffee is great for getting that yellowing, aged effect). I added a fairy cut-out and some writing. I was really happy with the way this page turned out, even though it makes me feel a bit melancholic and sad. But it looks pretty much exactly the way I pictured it and that always makes me feel satisfied. I think the crazing lacquer will be great for ATC’s as well.

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