The amazing, fantastic, wonderful Tamara Laporte

Tamara Laporte is an amazing woman and artist who hosts a great ning site. She has done several workshops and is well known in the art journaling community for her cute, whimsical style. A little while back she was hosting a giveaway on her site for a place in her “World of Whimsy 2” class. Because there were so many people who entered the draw because they didn’t have the money for the class, Tam decided to host a free class. That free class is now open for registration at her ning site and I have signed up (of course).

The class starts October 18th and promises to be absolutely fantastic. So head on over to the site and check it out. If you decide to take the class and you can afford it I  *strongly* suggest you give a donation to thank Tam for her time. I can’t imagine how much effort she has and will put into the class and she is doing this out of the goodness of her heart, not to make money (even though she makes her money through art and holding classes). Seriously, even if you can only give $1 it’s something 😉

So check out the class and if you want to see more of Tam’s stuff check out her website:


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