Fun things in the mail

Each month Tamara hosts an Artist Trading Card (ATC) swap on her ning site. ATC’s are small 2.5″ x 3.5″ cards. You make two cards that depict the months topic and send them to a partner, receiving two cards in exchange. The topic for September was cute monsters and the two cards from my partner Wanda arrived in the mail yesterday.

Ok, seriously. Are these not the cutest little guys ever? What I really like about doing the ATC swap is that it allows me to receive art that is *completely* different from what I do myself. Much like writing artists have an individual and unique style and it is often difficult to shake it. ATC’s let you collect something entirely different. I would have posted the cards I made for the swap, however I totally forgot to take pictures of them before sending them off so I’ll have to wait for Wanda to send me photos.

While off gallivanting in Moscow I also received one of Robyn’s hand made art journals that I purchased a while back. The art journal is amazing and I can’t wait to start working in it. I would have already, however I’ve been busy creating art for my sister (does it count as a commission piece if I’m not getting paid, lol). I finished the drawing off yesterday and sent it to her today. I was very pleased with the result and I think she’ll definitely like it. I’ll post pictures once she receives it so as to not spoil the surprise.

I also entered the drawing for a spot in Connie’s 21 secrets workshop (well, not just Connie’s there are 20 other artists running it as well šŸ™‚ ). Unfortunately I didn’t win a spot, however the wonderful Sam aka Gollywobbles did. Congrats Sam! Sam won two spots and is giving away one of them over at her blog. It is definitely a great opportunity to try for a spot in what promises to be an absolutely amazing workshop.


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