Connie is the best!

I’ve previously mentioned the talented Connie over at dirty footprints studio and her wonderful Art Journal LOVE Letters. Well Connie has come up with a wonderful new art journal class. 21 Secrets features 21 art journal classes, each taught by a different artist. Connie is hosting a giveaway for the class and I couldn’t let the opportunity to enter pass me by. The good news is that Connie is giving away TWO spots, one for the winner and one for them to give away on their blog… so fingers crossed for me 😉

21 secrets offers courses by many talented artists. I would especially love to take Effy’s class, as she got me hooked on art journaling in the first place. Jonathan “Blade” Manning, known as the Artistic Biker, is giving a class which I would love to take. How awesome is a guy who looks like a biker yet creates amazing journal pages? And of course Connie’s class is also on my top three list. However with all the amazing talent in this art journal playground I would be hard pressed to find something *not* to like.


  1. Oh my goodness, I know – isn’t Connie awesome?! She’s the one who got me started on this fascinating art journaling journey.

    Good luck – I hope to see you over at the playground!

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