Playing with textures and acrylics

For these pages I’ve first put down gel medium – an unpigmented acrylic binder. This allows you to add texture to the page. On top of that I’ve added acrylic colors.

One of the things I find challenging with acrylics is how opaque and unforgiving they are. With watercolors, which I usually play with, I can simply add more water or use a different color on top. Additionally watercolors contain less pigment and thus are much less vibrant. Acrylics on the other hand give intense, powerful colors. And while this is also fun, I’m not used to it. Of course I could make acrylic washes or mix with gel medium to obtain a less pigmented paint, but I find it important to move outside my comfort zone.

Close-up of acrylic texture.

Inspiration for these pages is taken from COnnie Hozvica’s art journal LOVE letters.



  1. Hi Michelle,
    Sounds like we are on a similar journey with acrylic.
    I too paint in watercolour, but learnt about layers and glazing with acrylic in Italy earlier this year.
    I love it now and I’m certainly out of my comfort zone!
    Love these ones you’ve done here.
    Cheers, Erin

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