The evolution of a journal page

Grab a blank journal page

Nothing better than a blank page just waiting for you to fill it with something wonderful.

Add gesso

Gesso is an acrylic binder with chalk (calcium carbonate) added to it. This makes a wonderful surface for painting and other waterborne media when your pages aren’t technically suitable for water.

Add background

Hmmm… slightly uncertain what I’ve done here, but I believe I first put down an acrylic wash (if not it’s watercolor), then I grabbed a sponge and made accents with pastel colored acrylics before I added silver glitter glue and stamps. Pretty 🙂

Add something.

And this is where I run into problems… When I have a blank page I can run with it. Nothing is wrong and anything goes. Once I have a background… well then my options are limited. I need to do something that goes with the background. Don’t screw it up. Maybe it’ll look like crap… angst. I did this background back in July. I’ve been waiting for inspiration. I added a photo.

I waited for inspiration. A fairy…? That might work…? Today I said fuck it, and this is what I ended up with.

Not too shabby. For some reason the face makes me think of Billie Piper. The face is made using water soluble color pencils, the squiggles are water soluble wax crayons.


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