Why art journaling?

Art journaling may seem like a ridiculous hobby. It’s neither “real” painting, nor is it “real” journaling. It’s a mash-up of techniques and styles and it’s at times ugly and seemingly random. However, what I love about art journaling is that it can take something ugly and turn it into something pretty, like in the above picture. Essentially I vented my spleen and then turned all the ugly words into a pretty page, and instead of feeling upset when I see it I feel uplifted and happy. It’s a transition.

I did the same thing for the soul journaling taped pages.

Underneath all the tape are secrets, and by hiding them beneath tape you don’t have to sensor yourself or worry that anyone else will read them.

The prompt for the writing was “I forgot to tell you…”

So why art journaling? For me it is a way of turning my life into beauty by taking what I am feeling and what is happening to me and turning it into a pretty piece of art. Also, it’s fun 🙂


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