Art Journal LOVE letters

Page from art journal LOVE letters

The amazing Connie Hozvica who runs Dirty Footprints Studio and recently hosted 30 journals 30 days has a workshop I’m currently participating called Art Journal LOVE letters. So far I’m only up to week 2 (and it’s taken me more than 2 weeks), but I really enjoy it. Connie uses acrylic paints a lot which I am not very familiar with, and I must admit, not altogether comfortable with yet but that makes the letters all the more fun.

Week 1 was all about foundations. Making lovely, juicy foundations on which to create journal pages. Week 2 moved on to pockets. All kinds of crazy pockets for keeping secrets in your art journal. I’ve really enjoyed learning all the new techniques and am very excited to move on to the next weeks. Connie rocks!

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